The reason I
became a Certified
Grief Recovery Specialist

Following the loss of my mother, I struggled to find the right support and this led me on a quest to discover everything I could about grief in its widest aspect. This culminated in me writing my book as a guide to help anyone who has suffered a loss, is supporting others with their loss or who just wants to be prepared for a loss.

When it comes to grief, I have always believed there is no one-size fits all approach. Grief is incredibly personal and complex, so in my book I’ve tried to make it simple and accessible for everyone.

Lianna's New Book Is Now Available

How to Grieve Like a Champ
Move through the grieving process with this essential companion guide to loss. The often confusing and complicated road through grief can be hard to navigate. Lianna Champ offers an open hand to guide you through with this practical and comforting book.

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